Our new product, it is not only a sport socks with some compression to have better performance, but it is a Graduated Compression Sport Socks, Marked CE as Medical Device.

Most of the sport socks (maybe all of them) on the market are not medical device, because they have different graduation, more compression at the calf (some type) and NOT exactly made to help the blood circulation. Infact no any sport socks is actually sold in Pharmacy but generally in Sport department store.

Our idea and concept is to give a proper and performant product to all those persons that are using medical stocking because venous insufficiency in their every day life, and have a compression socks also for the time when they play sports. They can enjoy to play sports with a medical compression sport socks.


Unisex compression sport socks with Dryarn® fiber with medium graduated compression 18-22 mmHg

Promotes venous return facilitating muscle recovery. Lightweight, hydrophobic, ultra-breathable Dryarn® Fiber with thermoregulatory function. Suitable for all sports and in all seasons (warm in winter and cool in summer). Anatomic heel and seamless Toe, no abrasion or friction.


Products Features

Many unique properties in one product for maximum comfort and best performance.

Suitable for all sports

and in all seasons, warm in winter and cool in summer


All Relaxsan products are designed, manufactured, tested, and packaged in Italy with the best technologies and the best materials - a guarantee of high quality standards.



Compression Sport Socks

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