Calze GT

Specialized in the production of graduated compression stockings

Since the beginning of its business, Calze GT has aimed to engage in the research and the development of products for the health and the well-being of the body. Thanks to the opening to the global market and its expertise in export, Calze G.T. S.r.l. sells its products worldwide in more than 65 countries under its own brand names RelaxSan, FarmaCell and Yaluronica.

The RelaxSan brand includes a wide range of products – i.e. Medical Stockings, Graduated Compression Socks, Compression Sport Socks, Diabetic and Sensitive Feet Socks and several Orthopedic body care products.



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Natural materials, high-quality yarns, innovative technology and the attention to the needs of customers are the watchwords of the business philosophy of Calze GT



Company Quality and Product Certifications

Made in Italy

Italian Quality in the materials, in the production process and style

Made in Italy is synonym of high quality, popular and searched all over the world. All RelaxSan lines* are 100% Made in Italy, products completely designed, manufactured and packed in Italy, to guarantee high quality standards!

*Except for some RelaxSan Orthopedic line products, manufactured in Turkey and packed in Italy.

Private label

Global service with private label products

Besides its own brands, Calze G.T. S.r.l. also produces private-label compression stockings and seamless underwear.
Calze GT is specialized in the production of Graduated Compression Stockings, Compression Sport Socks, Medical Stockings, and Compression Pattern Socks, from light compression to compression Class 2, over 30 mmHg. It is also specialized in the manufacture of shapewear, massaging underwear and modeling products.
Calze G.T. S.r.l. manufactures high-quality products for the most important international companies and brands and cooperates with them to develop, create and produce these items. The high-standard levels of control and quality guarantee high-quality products and results.
Calze GT also ensures the maximum privacy and security concerning the development and the manufacturing of products in order to protect its customers.