Orthopedic products for the care and health of the body

Relaxsan Ortopedica line includes a range of products for the wellness and the well-being of the body, as for example elbow supports, knee bands, orthopedic corsets, elastic bands. Relaxsan Ortopedica range is divided in different groups of products, according to their aims.

Man thermal underwear
Elastic Thermal Underwear for men, indicated for muscle aches, arthritis, lombaggin, inflammation of the kidneys.

Woman thermal underwear
Elastic Thermal Underwear for women, indicated for muscle aches, arthritis, lumbago, inflammation of the kidneys.

Thermal belts
Thermal bands suitable for treatment of lumbar and back, cold and inflammation in general.

Elastic bands
Bandages Tubular elastic support given during rehabilitation, after plaster bandages, after operations.

Orthopedic corsets and belts
Indicated for back and lumbar support, for hard work, for incorrect postures and after surgery.

Wristband and mitten
These articles are suitable for all cases where it is required immobilization of the wrist.

Support for knee and arm
The supports for knees and arms are used to stabilize the knee and arm.

Orthopedic collars
The cervical collars are normally used in those cases where they are needed the immobilization of the head and neck.