RELAXSAN® UNIMAGO Gloves with Dryarn yarn and X-Static silver fibre

These lightweight and breathable fabric gloves feature an exclusive heat-regulating function, making them ideal for mild seasons, protecting hands from external agents like viruses and bacteria, and in harsher conditions, keeping hands warm. Their ergonomic design means theysoftly and comfortably adapt to hands of any size and fingers of any length.
Thanks to their essential design, UNIMAGO gloves are ideal for everyday and leisure use, protecting from the cold, bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses. Made of Noble X-Static fibre, they guarantee an antibacterial and antiviral effect and are specially designed to neutralise the effect of viruses in a few minutes, including the novel coronavirus. Its anti-virus action eliminates 91% of viruses in just 10 minutes and 99% in two hours. Silver microfibre thumb and index finger tips guarantee effortless and sensitive interaction with electronic devices. You no longer need to remove gloves to answer the phone, browse the internet or answer messages.
Available in two sizes, providing a complete range of fits for all hands.

• Lightweight and Soft. Dryarn® has a low specific weight. 30% lighter compared to the same item made of wool or polyester.
• Utmost breathability. 20% more compared to all other fibres. Dryarn® regulates breathability so as not to destabilise the heat-regulation system while also keeping skin dry.
• Dermatologically tested Ideal for continuous contact with skin for hours on end.

• Anti-odour X-Static® provides a permanent anti-odour action, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi which cause odours to develop on clothing.
• Antiviral X-Static silver has been specially conceived to neutralise the effect of viruses in just a few minutes.
• Protection The technology exploits the power of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria on soft surfaces. Clinical trials demonstrate a 99.9% bacteriostatic reduction on fabrics with X-Static®
• Permanent The properties of silver remain unaltered over time, even after numerous washes and uses.

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