All the features of the UNIMA mask
also for kids



ONE SIZE FITS ALL KIDS 6-10 YEARS - washable and reusable. More elastic and extensible mesh to better adapt to the face shape. Thanks to ergonomic and sculpted design, fits properly on the face even during long conversations, so you don't have to touch it frequently to fix it.


LIGHT AND BREATHABLE - Dryarn fiber is 30% lightweight and 20% more breathable comparing with other fibres. Controls the flow of perspiration vapour to keep thermal regulation well balanced and the skin dry. An excellent insulating and breathing barrier, warm in winter and cool in summer. Ideal for stay in continuous contact with the skin for hours.

ANTIBACTERIA, ANTI-ODOR AND PERMANENT - Inside panel made with x-Static Silver fibre to keep under control the bacterial proliferation and avoid unpleasant odour. the power of silver inhibit the growth of bacteria on soft surfaces and reduce 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics. The characteristics of the fabric and the properties of silver remain unaltered over time, even after numerous washes and uses.

PRACTIC AND COMFORTABLE ... WITH STYLE - Refined design and fine finishes enrich the style. The special satin bag provided, makes it more practical and hygienic to use in any circumstances. Ideal for travelers, those who frequent crowded places such as events, trade fairs, airports, stations and means of transport, during meetings/conferences or gatherings in closed places.

100% MADE IN ITALY – Completely design, manufactured and packed in Italy, with best technologies and materials, for high quality standards.

It is recommended to replace the product in case of evident damage which could compromise its filtering efficiency. Compliant with UNI EN 14683: 2019 - Type I standard - Filtering power over 95%.



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