Diabetic Socks

Diabetic and Sensitive feet socks, the foot in a protected and healthy environment

RelaxSan developed socks with exceptional properties for people suffering from Diabetes, Arthritis, Athlete’s Foot, sensitive and delicate feet. RelaxSan Diabetic Socks are recommended also to any persons having no particular problems and who wish to have always neat and healthy feet thanks to their characteristics which guarantee exceptional beneficial and comfort properties.


Unisex Cotton socks with Silver fiber, without compression and seamless, antibacterial and thermoregulating action.


Unisex Cotton socks with Crabyon fiber, thanks to the natural properties of Chitin, provides protection and a regenerating action.

Toe Socks

Unisex Cotton toe socks with Silver fiber. The construction with individual toe sleeves, keeps the area clean and healthy.


We created socks without compression and with no upper elastic edge, in order to not compress and block blood circulation. The anatomic part let socks to adhere always perfectly so avoiding irritating folds. Tip seam completely flat, avoids any type of irritating abrasion of the tip in contact with toes. Moreover, the particular soft ribs let socks to stay up.