Orthopedic collars

If you need the immobilization of head and neck, in case of whiplash injury caused for example by a fender bender , the cotton and sponge collar with velcro closure is the best product. The external part is guaranteed 100% cotton and the internal part is constituted of sponge.

Art. COL100
Collar in cotton and sponge with Velcro fastener. Unisex.
Sizes (Neck circumference in cm):
S (34/36) – M (36/38) – L (38/40)
Colours: White
Composition: 70% Sponge – 20% Cotton (CO) – 10% Muss Nylon

Art. COL200
Collar in soft plastic with Velcro fastener.
Sizes (Neck circumference in cm):
S (34/36) – M (36/38) – L (38/40)
Colori: Beige
Composizione: 12 MM Plastazot