Mens compression socks with massaging sole. Fine cotton at skin contact. Comfortable and soft elastic knee hem. Massaging sole that helps plantars microcirculation and foot perspiration. Elegant and exclusive lateral design. Reinforced and anatomical heel and toe. Available in compression 18-22 mmHg (medium).

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Long sock

Men's compression socks, available with the following compression ratings at the ankle:

18-22 mmHg
DetailToe without seams
Sizesfrom 2 to 6
02 Black
03 Blue
05 Smoke
12 Brown
Composition70% CO - 13% EA - 12% PA - 5% PP

RelaxSan men's travel socks with massaging insole exert medium graduated compression (pressure of 18-22 mmHg at the ankle). They are indicated for the treatment for chronic venous insufficiency, light varicose veins and swelling. These support knee-length socks are also referred to as flight socks because they are suitable for people who make long journeys or carry out a job that is mostly static. Thanks to their high-quality cotton fabric, they are thin, hypoallergenic and breathable, while the soft elastic band under the knee and the seamless toes provide you with maximum comfort. In order to choose the right compression level, please pay attention to the size chart and select the right size. It is recommended that the socks should be put on in the morning, before getting out of the bed.


Cotton Socks

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18-22 mmHg* Medium compression for the therapy of light chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, swelling and to pregnant women.

22-27 mmHg* High compression for the therapy of venous insufficiency, varicose veins, phlebits, for post-surgery therapy and thrombosis prevention.

*Mentioned compression refers to the ankle and decreases gradually to the groin, 70% on the calf and 40% on the thight, guaranteeing a right and good blood circulation.


Maximum comfort and long durability. RelaxSan Cotton Socks items, thanks to their graduated compression, improve blood circulation and are recommended for those people who make sedentary activities and travel frequently.

SIZE TABLE 1 - XS 2 - S 3 - M 4 - L 5 - XL 6 - XXL
Shoe size 35 - 37 37 - 39 39 - 41 41 - 43 43 - 45 45 - 47
Foot size cm 21.7 - 23.7 23 - 25 24.4 - 26.4 25.7 - 27.7 27 - 29 28.4 - 30.4
Ankle circumf. cm 18 - 20 20 - 22 22 - 24 24 - 26 26 - 28 28 - 30
CO Cotton
EA Elastane
ME Metallic (Silver)
PA Nylon
PP Polypropylene
PR Protein (Milk)
VI Viscose


It is recommended to put on the garments in the morning, before getting out of bed. For proper use, please refer to the diagram on the bottom of the box. For proper effectiveness, use the size chart to select the correct size.


Individuals with severe arterial circulation disorders, recent and deep vein thrombosis, peripheral artery occlusion and dermatosis with secretions are advised to remove the garment before going to sleep.